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Girltelligence is an app for girls to advise, support, and inspire each other. 
Start a conversation, ask questions, help the sisterhood by answering questions or just offer support.


No one knows what it's like to be a girl today

better than girls today


Any topic you want to talk about, any question you have, there are girls out there who have an answer or advice or would just love to connect

Be a leader

On Girltelligence you can be a leader even if you've never been one before. You can answer questions or create inspiring community posts anonymously or not. 

Be a "big sister" to other girls

It's all about Girls supporting Girls

Be creative

Post quotes, advice threads, cute pictures of your pets - anything you think can help other girls feel good and inspired

support girls you know IRL 

Share any community post or Q&A with your real life friends so you can all discuss, get inspired and empower each other.

Girltelligence IRL is completely encrypted and private. No one can see it besides you and your friends

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Be a leader for girl empowerment 

Looking for a great leadership project to start at your school (or with your friends)? We have all the tools you need to create a club where you can answer questions, create inspiring and helpful posts and help girls all over the world, as a club.


Getting a response from a group of girls who thought about your question is so empowering to girls - be the leader who makes that impact. 

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